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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Edtechs have a blast using the Hue Animation Studio to make their own jungle movie

Edtechs had a great time this week learning the tips and tricks to "movie making" with animation software. Check out the result on youtube !

The movie was made using Hue Animation Software (for the stop motion), a Hue HD Cam (to capture the pictures) and RM Easiteach Software (to create the background and characters. 
We were complete novices but quickly got to grips with the basic concepts and software, then the imagination started to flow and we experimented with the depth of our scene, zooming and panning, story line and much more - it was a really fun experience and could easily see how students of all ages can use movie making across a wide range of curriculum subjects. From recreating a scene from their favourite habitat and animals using a simple software like Easiteach, to re-enacting Hamlet with Lego men - stop motion movie making is a engaging activity that will inspire students of all ages.... and you never know... it might make your class famous ! 

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