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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Here's a great free tool, to help you design a Learning Space or classroom furniture plan

The Isis Concepts floor space planner is a free to use tool, which teachers and educators can use to design learning space and classroom floor plans and furniture layouts. The tool can also be used to quickly and easily create professional 3d examples, showing how the potential learning spaces will look, work and feel.  The 3d learning spaces you create, can be rotated and zoomed, enabling you to look into your designs and get a true, to scale image, giving you a feel for the learning space, and how it will look and perform from various angles and perspectives.
Following is a quick “how to design a learning space” to help you get the most from the resource

Step1: Set-up
Click on the link below and choose a base to start from. Click to start with a “fresh design”.
Tip: Be prepared - have an idea of the activities and learning styles you want to deploy and the sorts of furniture you want to use. If your serious, measure up your space or consult the designs, and you can quickly create a scale diagram.

Step 2: Draw your room.

Click on the “draw room” icon on the “construction tab”. When you next click (and hold) on the grid, you will start to draw a rectangle. As you draw, a measuring tape will provide dimensions. Drag your room to the desired size.

To add another room, click again on the “draw room” icon on the “construction tab”, the start in the corner of the room you have created.

Tip: Use the internal dimensions for your learning space or classroom, both in this software and on any architectural plans / drawings you use for reference. If you measure inside your classroom, these are the measurements you will be recording.

Tip: You can get quite intricate with your learning space design shape, but this is largely time wasted - a simple design is often adequate – nooks and crannies, windows etc are time consuming to design in, and don’t add much to the overall benefit of using floorplan (at least not with this free tool)

Step 3: Add Learning space furniture to your floor plan design;

Click on the arm chair icon (located in the top left) and a furniture panel will appear. You can click and drag these items into your design, then orientate them by clicking (and highlighting) on them again. You can now spin or relocate, cut / copy / paste etc
Tip: You can lock items together, by holding shift when you select the piece. This is a useful time saver if you want to duplicate a space (like a circle of t41 individual tables and chairs)

Step 4: Create a 3d view

Once your floor plan design is complete, click on the 3d tab (located on the top right) and this will render your design into a 3d model of your classroom or learning space floor plan. Once loaded you can spin the room around, to get views from different angles of the learning space, and zoom in too, to get views from different positions and orientations ( a student view from a particular seat, the teacher view from the IWB, a guests view as they walk in through the door – all can be achieved.
Tip: Don’t zoom too close until you get a feel for the spin ability of the software. Click the arrows and you can step through the design in increments

Step 5: Output your learning space design from the software

Tip: The best way to output from the software is via a “print screen”. Once you have selected your 3d model viewpoint, take a screen shot (press Alt+print screen on most pc). You can then open up the picture in MS Paint, word or Powerpoint, or an IWB software such as Easiteach Next Generation - then you can add labels and comments about your learning space.

Here is the link:


Check it out...

Edtechs offer a free design service too. If you are planning to build a new learning space or create something in an existing classroom, why not drop us an email at enquiry@edtechs.com.au, and see how we can help.

Here some examples we have created;


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