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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Seven sizzling ideas for using Rainbow Big Points in your classroom...

From quiz buzzers to memory games to a classroom orchestra...try these easy to prepare and fun activities with your Rainbow Big Points, Recordable pegs or Talking Points... then hand over to the students to create their own versions to try !
1) Quiz Buzzers

Record on your big point "ring tones" from your mobile telephone, and then use the Big Point as your team buzzers in a classroom quiz. 
You can get a free app of animal sounds and record these into your Big Points for a different set of buzzer sounds or get the kids to record their own team cheer or chant !

2) Audio Memory Games and Quizzes

Record sets of words and sounds on your big points, here are some idea's
Matching words (like "apple" and "apple", "pear" and "pear" etc) 
Corresponding words and sounds (like "dog" and "woof", "cow" and "moo" etc)
Opposites (like "up" and "down" and "over" and under")
Translations (like "hello" and "salut", "bon nuit" and "good night" etc)
History Quiz (like "1066" and "the battle of hastings")
Maths (like "4x7" and "28" or even more complex... like "25-17" and "2x4")
The possibilities are endless !
The students can then play the traditional game of matching pairs, or a whole heap of other memory games to help them hone their skills and knowledge.

3) Beat Boxes 
Record on your big points some random sounds - car door closing, cat meowing, train or bus passing by, or students rumbling in the canteen !
What tunes or rhythms can teams compose using these sounds ? 

4) Treasure Hunt and question-teering !
Record on your big points the clues for a treasure hunt and then set them up as a trail for students to work through....
Great end of term activity... get the whole school to work together and record a set of clues and questions for each classroom using all the recordable devices you have available. Then the treasure hunt is school wide and everybody can get involved.

5) Classroom Orchestra
Record musical instruments and notes on your big points and the class can produce some "cover versions" of favourite tunes or create some new tunes of their own.
Can these sound and instrument recordings be used as supplements in your class or schools bands... or even to make a new class band ? 

6) Descriptive Language Game
Record descriptions or sounds of objects (like a bus or a kangaroo) on your big points and see how many the students can identify. 
Ask students to create their own descriptions of objects they can see, find or remember, then swop big points around and see whose objects can be identified from the recordings... whose object was the easiest or hardest to identify ? why ? 

7) Messaging
Use a big point on your door or desk or a message board. 
You can quickly leave messages for students or colleagues; a reminder about homework, tests, excursions, your whereabouts etc. 
The recorbable pegs have a handy hole, so you can leave them on hooks and hangers (in kitchens, on doors or coat hooks and the like). The Big points have a hang hole in the back which fits snugly onto  screw head, for hanging on doors, walls, notice boards etc. Sticky velcro also works for Big points and talking points.
The Story sequencer is also excellent for leaving messages and also using in any of the activities above. It has 6 recordable buttons, each which you can slip a small card / label / picture into. You can leave messages or instructions for groups, or about days of the week, anything really. It also has great sound playback clarity and volume and so is excellent for using as a sound box for making stop motion or green screen movie activity sounds tracks.

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