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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sonic Blaster making some noise in Australian schools

The electronic whistle creating a stir in PE lessons...
The Sonic Blaster is a new electronic whistle that is gaining rave reviews in Australian schools. The easy to use device is ideal for sharing as the sound emitted is caused by a simple tap of a button, rather than the usual blowing method associated with whistles. No longer do teachers and students need to worry about potential sharing of bacteria with this clever little device. The Sonic Blaster produces a sharp 130dB noise which can last for as long as the user holds down the button. See what a teacher has to say about this nifty device:

"The Sonic Blaster is a great tool for me to use in my PE lessons. My students have also been enthralled by the novelty it brings just by being something different. The sound output is slightly different to a regular whistle which is actually better as the students stop what they're doing and immediately turn to see what it is, I don't usually get this luxury with a regular whistle.

We recently used the Sonic Blaster at our sports carnival which proved a huge success. Not only did we have the one unit being shared amongst multiple teachers, the device proved hugely popular as a replacement to the starter gun usually used. Students would no longer flinch on the starting line when they heard the sound to go, as opposed to the starter gun which proved somewhat terrifying to the younger children in our primary school.

Overall, my favorite aspect of the Sonic Blaster is the ability to change batteries, not that we have had to yet though."

-Andrew Privett
PE Teacher at St John's Narraweena

A big thanks to Andrew Privett for the insightful view into the benefits and functionality of the Sonic Blaster.

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